Monday, October 20, 2008

Just another day.....

It's just another day in the wonderful life of me!
I'm back to work after spending a week taking care of my mom. She has had a really bad time lately. The dumb ass doctor in Rome, Ga by the name of Dr. Molnar (vascular surg.) has been the Dr. putting in her ports of the dialysis and she has had nothing but trouble with them! This last time was ENOUGH! Her arm got infected and he had to put her in the hospital for 5 days to have IV antibotics, he sliced her arm open and sent her home that way so I went down to pack it 2X a day. The RN was not scheduled to come and pack it for her everyday. This would have never happened if the dumb ass Dr. would not have left the BLOCKED port in her arm, I guess he thought it would fix itself!
He also left the stiches in from the 2nd port in the same arm and they were beginning to get infected! I changed her doctors from Rome, GA to doctors in Fort Payne, AL which is closer to her now.

So I'm back in my own little world..... back home with the hubby and pups. It is good to be home but I just wish I could call it home like down south. Maybe someday I will be able to.