Thursday, April 24, 2008

My First Blog on Here


My name is Melissa and this is my first blog on this site. Some people would say that I am very "strong willed" and I'd have to agree.
I have always tried to maintain my southern values to treat people right and don't let other people treat you like a door mat. (to put it bluntly)
I speak my mind, love my friends and family, work hard and play just as hard.
I love to be active outdoors, I love to fish, hike, camp, and even work on cars (guess I can thanks my brothers for that huh?) I can be a girly girl, but I've always been a tom-boy.
I'm married to a wonderful husband named David. We have two pups named Eros and Zeus.
I have a good life even though it can be rough I wouldn't change a thing.


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