Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello all.....

so another day is upon us and it's father's day, I hope everyone has a safe and fun day with their families.

I have been down again, I fell at work on Tuesday, dislocated my knee and sprained my ankle again. I have been through this before and it still hurts like hell.
I'm planning on going out to the in-laws today to enjoy this holiday with them, but again it's going to be a somber one as I'm missing my dad. The holidays I think are the worse for me, I use to call my parents at least once a week, sometimes less due to work and life in general. I know I didn't talk to them as much as I would have liked to or as much as some of you do, but I miss them non the less.
Losing a parent, sibling, or extended family member is always so tough to deal with. I just hope that on this holiday you take time to remember and honor those that you have lost or just lost contact with.


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