Saturday, September 17, 2011


so today started out like all my other work days..... talking to self righteous bigots!

I've never considered myself to be racist in any way but I'm beginning to wonder what happened to me because lately I'm finding that I am racist to a point. I'm not like the "normal" racist as I do have many friends that are of other races and nationalities, I'm just finding that I really despise people that think they know it all and honestly have no common sense! and most of them are in Texas and are black.

I know this post could upset some of you and I'm sorry if it does but these are my opinions and you don't have to read further...

now that the disclaimer is done.. on with the venting.

I had one customer today that was just plan stupid! she has and account with us and it was an email only account well she wanted to reopen the dial in account.(yes people still buy dial up service) so while going thru the process she asked "am I going to be charged double since I have a email only account with you?" It's a valid question and I answered it with "no ma'am the email will be in with the dial in account"
so then she starts to argue with me about being double charged. at this point I'm thinking "oh great I've got another nut job customer!". so after 3 attempts to explain this to her she says "let's just get on with this because everyone in the morning has a bad attitude and I'm not in the mood for it." i'm thinking.."then, why in the hell did you call in the morning?"NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL!!!!

I was actually having a great morning until she called! I just have not patience anymore with these people! it's not just the African-American people it's all of the stupid, no common sense, back woods, mother lovin', idiots!

I don't want to feel this way I just can't turn it off!

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