Thursday, November 13, 2008

Snippets of My Life....

I live in Ohio now but I was born in Georgia. I still think of my self as a "georgia peach" - southern born and southern raised. I have lived in Ohio for 11 years now and I'm still adjusting. I hope I never get adjusted to be honest with you. I miss the south and I plan to return someday.

I miss the "good 'ole days". I miss fishing in the pond on the back part of the property with my brothers. I miss the laid back days of summer. I miss how everyone you meet treats you like one of the family. I hope I never forget those things and many, many more.

Some memory's from my child hood I'll never forget are so simple that someone else would possibly push them aside and think everyone has those type memories. But those are the most important. Those type memories are the one's you should cherish and preserve for your children and grandchildren.
One such memory happened on Halloween, the exact year I can't remember, I had asked my mom if I could spend the night with my best friend and go trick or treating with her, her sister, and her mom. M loved Halloween and still does! She always had the best costumes. We lived in the country and to get to the "good" house's we had to drive to them. Oh, we could have walked, back in those days it wasn't so bad that a child couldn't be out after dark, but the "good" house's were too far to walk to. M's mom drove us to the housing development and we would ride on the hood of the car from house to house. This was a special treat for us and we felt like we were on top of the world for just one night.
M's mom was so much fun, she was like just one of the girls, but she could be strick when it was needed too. I love her for that.
At one of the house's we had all gotten our candy and was headed back to the hood of the car but we weren't quite on it yet and she started to move the car! It was just a few inches but it was so funny! Even after we got on the car, we were laughing so hard that we all almost fell off again!
Aww, the little things that make memories! I'll never forget that night!

Don't push the little things aside. You never know if it's going to be a lasting memory not, so cherish every moment you have like it is your last.



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